Most of today’s investigations contain large amounts of data and making sense thereof not only requires specialised software to identify different trends but also the enquiring mind of an investigator\analyst who can interpret the greater picture. Our specialised teams started working on criminal datamining in 1992 so have many years of experience and positive results.

Criminal syndicates have become very sophisticated over the past few years with the result that the tracing, tracking and investigative techniques have had to adapt as well. These techniques assist in developing criminal profiles which help to bring evidence together for successful prosecutions.

Forensic Worx was also the first company on the African continent to understand the opportunities which exist in using Social Media Intelligence (SOCMINT) to identify the target’s activities using these sources. Some of the resources reside in the Dark Web and requires months to establish credible profiles before being accepted by these miscreants. SOCMINT complements fraud and other criminal investigations.

The result has been that we have been able to conduct in-depth Lifestyle Audits for our government and corporate clients.