Computer & Digital Forensic Investigation Services:

We are market leaders in the areas of cyber security & digital forensic investigations, IT risk management, data recovery and electronic discovery. Some of our personnel have been acknowledged by the High Court of SA as expert witnesses in their field and have conducted extensive criminal, civil and departmental investigations nationally and across Africa.

We conduct digital forensic investigations according to internationally accepted standards and by making use of state-of-the-art hardware and software. This ensures the successful presentation of evidence and expert testimony during any judicial hearing as well as ensures that moral, ethical and constitutional principles are followed. We believe in thoroughness and provide the following services as part of our


Advice to clients regarding legal requirements of search and seizure.

Advice to clients regarding legal requirements from Anton Piller applications.

Assistance in planning of investigations.

Complete search of scene and collection of all electronic storage media.

Creation of a bit-by-bit backup copy of computers.

Creation of a second backup set to minimize risk during the investigation.

Analysis and location of all data/evidence.

Data recovery of all lost or deleted data.

Decryption of data and cracking of passwords.

Location and analysis of e-mails.

Analysis of Internet activities.

Location of evidence relating to any other offence.

Physical and/or electronic report to client.

Appear as an expert witness during the trial.

Mobile/Cellphone & GPS Forensic Investigation Services:

Mobile devices have become the device of this century, and most probably that of the next as well. It has become such a part of our lives that if you forget your phone at home, you will feel naked, will turn back to fetch it or face a whole day of communication deprivation. Chances are good that we are now commenting more on getting away on a holiday to get away from our cell phones than getting away from work.

Not only have mobile devices become a part of our personal lives, but also an integral part of our business life. Mobile phones are used to read e-mail, store data, do presentations, backup files, update social media etc. As such it has become a device that cannot be ignored by businesses. Mobile phones have become one of the preferred devices by fraudsters, syndicates and criminals to communicate, steal data, give instructions etc.

We are seeing that syndicates are now targeting mobile phones to steal personal data instead of computers. It is therefore imperative to include mobile forensics in all forensic investigations. Forensic Worx Digital is a leading expert in mobile forensics with the unmatched ability to uncover and recover data from all types of mobile devices.

CryptoCurrency Investigations:

The rising popularity of cryptocurrency speculation comes with increased risks for investors. Complaints of investment fraud and price manipulation in digital currency markets have risen sharply.

Forensic Worx Digital conducts cryptocurrency fraud investigations for investors, corporations and law firms. Our investigators are experienced in exposing financial cybercrimes and international fraud schemes.

By combining digital forensics with traditional investigative techniques – and our experience fighting online crime and investment fraud – we deliver clear results in the most complex and challenging cases.

Social Media Investigations:

Our team has the tools and know-how to conduct social media investigations for our clients. Social Media platforms are often the key to cracking criminal cases. Our team have been trained by International Social Media & Dark/Deep-Web experts.

Network & Server Forensics:

Network & Server forensics is a sub-branch of digital forensics relating to the monitoring and analysis of computer network traffic for the purposes of information gathering, legal evidence, or intrusion detection. Unlike other areas of digital forensics, network investigations deal with volatile and dynamic information. Network traffic is transmitted and then lost, so network forensics is often a pro-active investigation

Cloud Forensics:

Cloud forensics is a subset of digital forensics based on the unique approach to investigating cloud environments. The main concern for an investigator is to ensure that the digital evidence has not been tampered with by third parties so it can be admissible in a court of law. Maintaining a chain of custody is very challenging in a cloud environment versus a traditional forensics’ environment. In a traditional forensics environment, the internal security team has control over who is conducting forensics operations on a machine, whereas in cloud forensics, the security team has no control over who the CSP chooses to gather evidence. If they are not trained according to a forensic standard, the chain of custody may not hold in a court of law.

Anton Pillers:

Forensic Worx Digital has executed numerous Anton Piller Orders around South Africa and we are geared up for any eventuality that should arise.

TSCM Services:

Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM)

Electronic Sweeping (Debugging)

Physical Sweeping

Risk Management