Forensic Worx Cyber Security Offering Includes:

Cyberbullying Investigations

Penetration Testing

Vulnerability Assessments

Cybersecurity Software – PANDA Endpoint Protection

Panda Security presents its light, simple and cross-platform security solution for endpoints.

Endpoint Protection, our corporate antivirus, offers continuous and centralized protection for your Windows, Mac and Linux systems, including laptops, servers, leading virtualization systems and Android devices.

“With Panda Endpoint Protection 7.20 we continue to strengthen our cross-platform security solutions by securing one of the companies’ weakest and most vulnerable points: mobile devices,” explained Eduardo Fernández, Product Marketing Manager at Panda.

And if you need an additional layer of protection, try Endpoint Protection Plus, which includes protection for Exchange servers, anti-spam, Web monitoring and filtering, and anti-theft features for mobile devices.