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Hancom with Mobile & Digital Forensic Solutions

We Empower Your Investigation!

As a globally leading research group of mobile and digital forensics, we have been dedicated to developing a forensic solution that supports digital investigations.
Our mobile and digital forensic solution, MD-SERIES, has been provided to hundreds of global investigation agencies since 2005. All of our products and technologies satisfy our clients’ demands and expectations.

We believe our customers will recognize our sincere service and passion for new technology development. We continuously engage with our customers, and now we are growing rapidly to be a global top mobile forensic company.


CipherTrace develops cryptocurrency Anti-Money Laundering, cryptocurrency forensics, and blockchain threat intelligence solutions. Leading exchanges, banks, investigators, regulators and digital asset businesses use CipherTrace to trace transaction flows and comply with regulatory anti-money laundering requirements, fostering trust in the cryptocurrency economy.

CipherTrace Cryptocurrency Anti-Money Laundering Report has become an authoritative industry data source. CipherTrace was founded in 2015 by experienced Silicon Valley entrepreneurs with deep expertise in cybersecurity, eCrime, payments, banking, encryption, and virtual currencies.


MediaClone was founded by two experienced and creative executives who have been working in the Computer Forensic and IT markets since their inception. Together, they developed and launched some of the most innovative products used by forensic and IT professionals around the world.


Use of Force Investigation: Evaluate issues relating to motion, timing and the perception of force in video evidence from cell phones, body-worn cameras, in-car systems, social media and hard to access the proprietary digital video.

Homicide Unit: Expedite the examination of large amounts of video evidence without requiring complicated and potentially harmful proprietary players to be loaded onto your computer.

Video Analysis Unit: Analyze, Capture, Evaluate, Verify, and Report – auto batch-process thousands of video files for distribution among investigation teams and prosecutors, or for disclosure to defence. Enhance visually challenging evidence, maximizing the full value of every video exhibit.


OpenText™ EnCase™ Forensic is a court-proven solution for finding, decrypting, collecting and preserving forensic data from a wide variety of devices while ensuring evidence integrity and seamlessly integrating investigation workflows.


Go beyond the capture.

Visual Plan improves operational efficiency, capturing and compiling your 360 degree photos, documentation, video, Lidar, BIM and more into one data visualization hub your entire team can fit in their pocket.

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