About Us

What We Do

The company is focussed on understanding the various specialised field requirements of our law enforcement and corporate clients. If the solutions are not at hand, then we will go out and find a solution for their specific requirements. This has evolved into a section of the business where quality products are sourced and tested before being given to these agencies for their  own testing. The result has been that we have been able to grow this part of the business while continuing to put large amounts of money and other resources into R&D to find and test relevant products. Because of the success of this approach, we have been approached by a number of overseas manufacturers and distributors to represent them in Africa.

Forensic Worx (Pty) Ltd is passionate about delivering world class equipment and training to law enforcement, other agencies, and our corporate clients. The programmes are aimed at the continuous improvement of products and processes.

The major clients of the company are law enforcement agencies, large corporates and legal representatives.