What does a Finger Print have to do with CCTV video evidence??


 A good customer of ours recently explained how they are using www.input-ace.com to immediately drive their investigations to save time and resources. By having immediate access to read proprietary CCTV video files “while at the scene”, investigators can track suspects locations where physical evidence may link their identities to crimes. In many circumstances, critical time is saved by knowing exact locations to dust for fingerprints, look for shoe-prints, check for DNA, bloodstain, look for bullet casings or other physical evidence that “may exist” at a large crime scene. This is especially critical at night time scenes or during inclimate weather conditions like rain/snow/extreme temperatures where physical evidence may be permanently lost if not collected timely. As time passes and more people enter the crime scene, there is a higher risk for evidence to be destroyed. Key evidence can lead an investigation quickly in the right direction, while lost or missing evidence can significantly impair chances to catch the criminal.

Equally important is the ability to immediately create and distribute a BOLO report (Be On Look Out) of a suspect photo at the scene and while the suspect is likely to still be in a specific area. This critical evidence shared within the police department and possibly the media can quickly result in hot leads on a suspect location, vehicle or direction of travel. In abduction cases this short window of time is critical and can be a life or death scenario. Even in less serious incidents like property crime and/or assault, tracking the perpetrator quickly will dramatically increase the chance of finding them with critical evidence in-hand to aid a conviction.

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Kelly Watt | Sales Director | Occam Video Solutions “iNPUT-ACE”